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Mr. Bob Cutler

Founder/CEO of C3

C3 has always been a very creative company. About 20 years ago, when Bob Cutler brought Ramon in as a leadership coach and Team Building consultant, the raw talent in the company was dazzlingly brilliant, starting with Bob himself.


But C3 associates did not understand how different instincts could work together without evoking conflict. Ramon brought the true understanding of how these different instinctive approaches could “run together” toward a common outcome. Bob’s visionary, entrepreneurial style was sometimes viewed as too Avant Guard and risky, a style that needed to be “tamed” by a more data-driven approach.


Now, those approaches are viewed as valuable and each having a useful place in the company. These seemingly opposite approaches are encouraged to coexist and “inform each other” while striving toward a common goal. 


The results have been phenomenal:

  • Conflicts are viewed as starting points for solutions.

  • Synergy has skyrocketed so that 1 + 1 = 4 or more.

  • C3’s revenue is almost $1M per employee.

  • Though Bob continues to be the CEO, the day-to-day management of the company has been passed on to a competent President who is trusted and respected by her colleagues. This succession is an indicator of effective leadership and a healthy organization.


We consider C3 as embodying the qualities of the Wisdom Organization.

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