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The Wisdom Process

As a decision-maker for your company, you fulfill an important responsibility because of the time, talent, and money you are going to invest in hiring us. To help this process along, we invite you to do the following:


* Set up a meeting to discuss your primary goals. In preparation, we will have one or two of your team members take the Kolbe A Index. We will analyze and prepare the reports.


* At the first meeting, we will discuss your major goals. We will then interpret the Kolbe indexes as a way for you to experience the power and relevance of instincts in relation to your goals. If you are interested, we will offer to create a proposal to do the Corporate Map (CMAP) Retreat.


* At the second meeting, we will present our proposal for doing the CMAP Retreat. You decide who you want to include in this meeting. The goal of this meeting is to decide whether or not to proceed with CMAP.

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