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Dr. Dan Durrie

M.D. & Founder of DURRIE VISION

When Dr. Dan Durrie, M.D. and Anne Durrie established Durrie Vision over 20 years ago, they immediately engaged Ramon as a Leadership and Organizational Development Coach. They had clear goals from the very beginning:

  • Hire the right talent for the right job.

  • Train each one to understand their own instincts and to understand the instincts of every other member of their Vision Center.

  • Learn to Manage By Objective (MBO) and Manage By Instinct (MBI).

  • Transform conflict into effective solutions.

  • Create a culture of self-responsibility, high performance, with the highest quality of patient service and satisfaction.

  • Bring great value to their staff and their families.


Ramon started by recognizing the unique talents that Anne and Dan brought to this venture. Dan’s visionary instincts led to the creation of a Leading-Edge vision center that was always ahead of the curve. Anne’s organizing instincts led to the creation of a clinical process that produced a patient experience second to none.


Ramon then helped them to create the same synergy in the entire organization. Everyone is in the right place and all have learned to communicate by instinct, not just by objective. Patient satisfaction is through the roof and employee satisfaction is not far behind.


Dan and Anne have successfully passed on the torch to the next generation of professionals who are upholding the quality.

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