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Optimizing the Executive Team

ETB: Executive Team Building

  • Your Executive Team members gather once or twice a month to act as a Think Tank to learn and apply the Wisdom Hunger Model (WHM) of leadership and high performance.

  • These sessions are facilitated by one of our expert consultants who are steeped in the WHM.

  • Each session, you will examine key issues in the company and learn to analyze and solve them together.

  • The unique aspect of our ETB is that it combines specific problem solving with a curriculum-based program that trains executive teams to lead by instinct and by wisdom.

  • You will learn concepts and techniques for managing the following aspects of organizational life:

  • AWARENESS: Understanding the Mind: how people Think, Feel, and Decide at the Wisdom Altitude of Life

  • BEHAVIOR: Managing high performance by combining Knowledge, Passion, & Instinct—the KPI’s of productive action

  • CULTURE: Mobilizing your shared vision, values, and commitments toward achieving your organizational purpose

  • STRUCTURE: Creating the interactive patterns of the successful organization.

  • As the months go by, your Executive Team will create a culture of success and self-responsibility that will last through the years.

  • For a team building process to succeed and last, it must have two elements: a comprehensive framework and a comprehensive practice that applies those ideas. ETB provides both.

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