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Develop a Leadership Game Plan

LWP: Leadership Wisdom Program

  • This program is designed for the emerging leaders of your company so they learn to perform optimally AND learn to manage high performance. To accomplish this, we will train them to Manage By Instinct and Manage By Maturity.

  • Our consultants will meet with your Leadership Team (LT) monthly for two hours:

    • Hour One is a curriculum-based program to learn the Wisdom Hunger Model.

      • It is among the most comprehensive frameworks for understanding leadership effectiveness, high performance, team synergy, and culture development. (Learn more about the Wisdom Hunger Model) .

      • The LT members will all take the Kolbe A Index and the Corrales Maturity Index (CMI) to assess the instinctive talents and the wisdom potential in the team. These assessments will allow us to customize the training modules.

    • Hour Two is conducted like a Think Tank.

      • The LT members will identify issues that need assessing and solving.

      • Team members can bring up an issue which puzzles them and ask for a clear-headed review and game plan.

      • They will be expected to report on the progress of their attempts to resolve these issues.

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