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Mr. William Ashley


CEO of Allied National

When Ramon was introduced to Mr. Bill Ashley, CEO, of Allied National, it was clear to him that Bill had a strong entrepreneurial bent. But Bill had a thirst, not just for revenue growth, but also for efficiency and profitability.


When Bill engaged Ramon as an organization development coach, he wanted to find out two things: (1) what talents he had in his Leadership Team and (2) what talents were best suited to the key jobs in his insurance company. His goals were:

  • To improve performance and lower stress in each associate.

  • To drive efficiencies in all departments.

  • To increase revenue and profitability.

  • To enhance the agility of the organization so they could respond to the uncertainties of the healthcare industry beyond just survival.

  • To build a culture of self-responsibility and emotional intelligence.


What we did:

  • In the first six months, we assessed the instincts of every employee.

  • We trained everyone to perform according to their natural instincts, not just according to their past experience.

  • We discovered the talents that suited the key jobs in the company.

  • We trained the managers to Manage By Instinct and By Maturity. Managing people in an emotional state requires a different approach than managing those in a rational state of mind.

  • We made sure that HR hired people who had the right SKILLS, the rightPERSONALITY fit, and the right INSTINCTIVE fit. All three were critical.

  • We trained people to understand the three stages of maturity: emotional, rational, and wisdom.


The results have been outstanding. Allied National went through the most challenging years of its history and coped with the severe changes in healthcare. The organization not only survived but actually thrived as it reinvented its products to suit the needs of their customers.

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