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Attain High Performance & Job Satisfaction

Remedial and Developmental Work

  • If you have an associate who seems to have lost her stride or if you’ve identified someone on a career development track, we will assess that person’s current mindset, instincts, and the relationship dynamics with the supervisor. The most important ingredients for getting into your Performance Zone are:

    • The freedom to act according to your instincts daily.

    • The fit between your instinctive talents and the tasks required on the job.

    • Having clear job expectations and having the resources to achieve them.

    • Being managed by instinct and by maturity.

  • The Wisdom Hunger Model has identified these 4 conditions as paramount for high performance and job satisfaction. Here’s what we do to assist someone:

    • We assess the instincts of the person, the instincts required to excel on the job, and come up with a blueprint for high performance.

    • We use the Kolbe A, B, and C Index to do this full instinctive assessment. The Kolbe A Index profiles the person, the B profiles the job from the jobholder’s viewpoint, and the C profiles the job from the Supervisor’s viewpoint.

    • We assess the person’s maturity stage through the Corrales Maturity Index. The CMI-S gives us the person’s Self-Perspective and the CMI-O gives us the Other-Perspective, in this situation, the Supervisor’s view.

    • We come up with a blueprint for understanding and for managing this person on the basis of her instinctive talents, talent-task job fit, maturity level, and supervisor expectations.

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