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Discover the Dynamics of Your Executive Team

CMAP: Building Your Corporate MAP

  • CMAP assesses the INSTINCTS and the WISDOM POTENTIAL of your Executive Team.

  • Assessing instincts gives us a map of your innate talents and assessing maturity gives us a map of the wisdom capacity in your Executive Team.

  • No other Assessment Program brings together these two dimensions of high performance and organizational sustainability.

  • We create a blueprint of high performance and of team synergy that will guide you to Manage By Instinct and Manage By Maturity, not just Manage By Objective.

  • CMAP will pinpoint areas of personal, interpersonal, and organizational stress, and develop guidelines for strengthening those vulnerabilities.

  • CMAP will lay the foundation for better hires and for bringing out the best version of your employees.

  • You will have an Executive Team Report that will act as map of culture development.

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