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Specializing in Executive Coaching

At Wisdom Hunger, we train executive leaders to realize and maximize their natural talents. Our leadership training program and services lead organizations to attain a sustained high-level of performance and delivers measurable ROI. 

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Assess the natural talents and the maturity of your leadership team.

Executive Team Building

Leadership development and team building, customized for executives.

Coaching for executives to manage high performing managers.

Executive Coaching

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MAXIMUM Potential.

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The Wisdom Sphere Index is Here!

Ramon G. Corrales, Ph.D., has just formally launched the much-awaited Wisdom Sphere Index. He has devoted the last 30 years of his professional life toward understanding wisdom and, more importantly, to assisting others in developing wisdom in their personal, relational, and leadership lives. It is now available to anyone who wishes to cultivate wisdom in their lives.


What is wisdom? Discover it through the Wisdom Sphere Index.


We each have a unique path to high performance—our instinctive talents. Knowledge and passion are necessary to get us engaged, but once engaged, we need to find the right fit for our instincts in order to reach our true potential. However, the capacity to sustain individual performance and to create synergy with other people requires a level of maturity that goes beyond the emotional or the rational altitudes of living and leading. It requires wisdom.


WISDOM is the stage of mind that gives us the ability to do the right thing for me, for you, and for us regardless of what others do. The emotional mind gets easily triggered into power struggles and the rational mind requires fairness to keep going. The wisdom mind leads the emotional and the rational mind to greatness. This book is a guide for leadership team to lead by instinct and by wisdom.


To achieve and to sustain greatness, leaders need to lead by instinct and by wisdom.

FREE Download of the First 4 Chapters of Ramon's Book "LEADERSHIP WISDOM for Achieving and Sustaining Purpose, Profitability, and Productivity"

Mr. Bob Cutler

Founder/CEO of C3

When I met Ramon over 20 years ago, I suddenly realized I had met my match. Years later, I became aware there is no match at the level of wisdom. There is only development. And there is joy, productivity, profit, and satisfaction for all.

Dr. Dan Durrie

M.D. & Founder of DURRIE VISION

We would never have achieved the heights of greatness without the collaboration and wisdom of Ramon Corrales. He helped to bring out the best version of me, our leadership team, our staff, and the doctors who worked with me.”

Mr. William Ashley

CEO of Allied National

We have used Ramon's Wisdom Hunger concepts at Allied National for almost a decade.  Developing our emotional intelligence has helped all of us be better employees and have better relationships outside of work.  This is an area of development that everyone will benefit from.




Great executives motivate and inspire their organization, creating alignment around shared vision, purpose and goals.


Great executives create a positive culture built on trust, collaboration, and continuous learning, which helps you attract and retain your best talent.


Great executives are the key to driving increased employee engagement and retention, improving performance and productivity, and delivering bottom-line results.​



Ramon G. Corrales, Ph.D. is a renowned author, leadership development expert, corporate consultant, and executive coach. He has over 25 years of experience as a coach and consultant. He created his own method for coaching and team building known as Wisdom Hunger. He engages leaders and their teams to bring out the best version of themselves and their associates. He is an expert in assessing the instinctive talents of individuals and how those instincts can be used for high performance, synergy, and culture fit.


Dr. Corrales was certified as a Kolbe Consultant in 1990. He is among the world’s experts in assessing our instinctive talents for high performance, for team building, and for hiring the right people in the right jobs. He maintains that KNOWLEDGE, MOTIVATION, and INSTINCTS are the 3 main influences of high performance, with instincts being the least known of the three. For peak performance, we need to KNOW our stuff, have PASSION, and have the right talent for the task at hand. But without maturity, it is impossible to sustain high performance.


RAMON HAS DECODED THE KEY COMPONENTS OF MATURITY. He and his colleagues can assess people’s stage of maturity and train their supervisors to Manage By Maturity and By Instinct. This is the key to Ramon’s success.


Dr. Corrales received his doctorate degree in sociology from the University of Minnesota, with specialization in family sociology and organizational dynamics.  He devoted the first part of his career to family therapy and family business.  Due to that earlier work, he now brings a depth of human understanding to his corporate and leadership work.  He has worked with numerous leaders, educators, and clergy to bring balance into their personal and professional lives.


Ramon has devoted his career to the pursuit of several main passions: leadership, performance, synergy, and self-mastery—in line with living one’s purpose. He has several books:

  • LEADERSHIP WISDOM: Achieving Purpose, Performance, & Profitability. Available soon at Amazon.

  • OF PEBBLES & GRENADES: 3 Keys to Self-Mastery. This book can be purchased in e-book or softcover version from,, or This book contains Ramon’s ideas on the importance of building a culture that teaches and rewards maturity—the X factor in leadership.

  • THE CONGRUENT LEADER: An Integral Model for the Evolution of Effective Leadership.

  • SELF-MASTERY: Mission and Meaning in Modern Life. This book addresses ideas for mastering personal and relationship aspects of life.

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